10 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Stock Photography

Each blogger probably loves stock images, just because they have the functions of rapidly transferring the messages,  catching people’s eyes and adding some life to the webpage. If you have a small business, you probably love these stock photos as well, however there are ways of using these photos correctly. So, in order to get the best of stock photos, here you can find 10 mistakes that you should avoid when using stock photography.


 1. Using stock photo when you can create something yourself
Sometimes, there are some cases, when people have the excellent skills of photography and they spend long hours searching a suitable stock photo for their article. The point is that, if you have some talent in photography, it will be of benefit for you to create your own works instead of searching for other photos. This has 2 main advantages: first of all, it will be your own photo and it cannot be repeated somewhere else and secondly, it is cheaper, as if you want to have a great stock photo, you need to pay for it.

2. Using non-related photos
One of the biggest problems that most of people do is using photos, just because these photos are great. However, in order to be successful, you just need to choose those stock images that are related to your content and that make it easier for you to deliver your message. So, this is where the stock photography is correctly used- when the content and the photo fill each other.

 3. Sharing the same photos as competitors
Before putting a photo on your page or before using it in a mail, you should do some research and make sure that that photo does not appear in your competitors’ websites. You may ignore this point, however it is worth remembering, because sometimes businesses that offer similiar products or services search for the similar photos in the same websites and end up using the same photo.  So, in order to be unique, make sure that your main competitors don’t have that image in their site too.

4. Using images at wrong sizes
Most of the websites that offer stock images have many images in different resolutions that have different prices. In order to get the best of the stock image that you use, you need to select the most suitable resolution, even if it is not the cheapest version. If there is no suitable resolution of that photo, try to choose a another one.

5. Using the image as it is
One of the biggest mistakes that most of people do is thinking that the stock photo should be used as it is. However, you should understand that it was not shot to correctly fit the space in your page. So, in order to have a great impression, try to crop, edit the photos before putting them in your page.

6. Choosing boring photos
Another mistake is thinking that just because you use stock photos, it means that they can be boring. In order to attract people, you should spend a lot of hours searching for the right and for the most attractive photo for your website. It will take a lot of time and efforts from you, but this is a huge investment in your site and it is worth.

7. Using overused images
The first idea that comes to your mind is usually the best one. This related to the stock photography as well. For example, if about 20 people were asked to find stock photos about “networking”, you would find out that most of the photos are looking the same, only few ones are really unique. So, before choosing a stock photo, first of all, you should make sure that your competitors don’t use it as well, and secondly, you should make efforts to make that photo a unique one.

 8. Using images that are old or non-professional
When using a stock image, you must always ensure that the photo was taken in a professional camera and in a professional manner. In addition, you should make sure that the people in that image are modern and not old-styled. Remember to pay attention to their clothes, hair, cars and so on. If you don’t pay attention to these things, the quality of your website may suffer a lot.

9. Choosing others instead of your employees
Your employees should not be models, however I am sure that all of them are unique and different, without who you won’t be able to work. So, if it’s so, you should show it. Whenever it’s possible, just try to avoid using stock photos on your website, like about page, contact page and elsewhere. Try to shoot your staff and put these photo in your website. This will create a more warm and attractive atmosphere, than using other people’s photos.

10. Using too overposed images
It may sound meaningless, but the most amazing photos are the worst ones. People don’t seem to like photos, where there is a perfect smile, perfect hair, perfect clothes and photos where everything is right. So, avoid using those overposed images. Instead, try to use photos that are more natural, that have a creative part in them, however, also be sure to remain in a high quality.

So, here are the 10 mistakes that should be avoided when using stock photography. Do you have some experience in using stock photos? If so, please share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments below.

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