7 Tips To Get Sharper Images With Almost Every Camera

Getting sharp images is crucial for every photographer who prints in large formats. However those people who are new in photography will hardly determine a difference that exists in razor-sharp image when they see it on computer and fairly-sharp image. However sharpness is very important to each photographer, so today we are going to introduce you 7 tips that will guide you to getting sharper photos with nearly all camera types.


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 1. Stand in the right posture while taking photos
If you have ever shoot with gun, you will probably know that one of the most important things here is to stand with the firm position. Many gun shooters do so by leaning to some things or standing with the firm position. So, photographers should do like them as well. If you haven’t ever thought about your standing posture while taking photos, you should do so, because it is one of the most important steps in getting sharper images.

2. Avoid zooming to the extremes
Any good photographer that is an expert in the field says that the most sharpest photos are taken when the zoom is not at the extreme. For instance, if your lens if 75-300mm, the sharpest images will be taken at 280mm. Probably there are some exceptions, however it’s applicable in most of the cases. However, in order to be confident, just spend some time  test it on your own camera to see the difference.

3. Choose the sharpest aperture
As we have already discussed, zoom plays a huge role in taking sharp pictures and aperture takes a huge role as well. Usually the sharpest photos are taken in f /7.1 or f /8, but it surely also depends on the lenses. It won’t be smart to use this rule without testing. So, just take few minutes to test what is the best aperture for your camera to take the sharpest photos.

4. Reduce the ISO
As you probably know the higher the ISO, the more will be the noise in your picture, but that’s not all! Increased ISO also lessens visible details in the photo. However, if you are in a place, where you should increase the ISO, make sure that you are in a lighter area or just use  flash for getting sharper photos.

5. Test various lenses
Lenses, particularly the lower-end ones, are usually created in different tolerances. That’s why one lens can be much better than the other. So, in order to get the most sharpest images, make sure that the lens works well in your camera, if not just consider changing it.

6. Pay attention to the focus
Probably the most important thing in getting sharp photos is determining photo’s focus correctly. If you cannot get sharp photos, the most probable reason is that you cannot get the right focus. So, in order to do so, consider to use these 2 simple rules:

  • Select the focus by yourself: Never let the camera to do it. You can change the focus with the 4 way selector in your camera. For example, if you shoot someone’s face, make sure that you put the focus on his/her eyes.
  • If you have already focused, make sure that you do not change your position. 

7. Improve the shooting button
Cheap cameras have shooting buttons in metal or plastic, which shake the camera when you try to press them. More expensive ones have a rubber coating, so it doesn’t shake the camera as you press it. So, if you have cheap camera, just try to buy a rubber coating for the shooting button which will solve the problem and will help you to get sharper images.

So, here are the top 7 tips for you, if you are really concerned to get sharp photos with your camera. Do you have experience in this field and do you have some tips to add? Please do so in the comments below.

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