Photographer’s Guide To Getting Your Backgrounds Right

Image backgrounds can be both positive and negative attributes to photos. For example they can make the photo stand out in a unique way, however they can also be incompatible with the main subjects. So, in order to make backgrounds awesome, today we are going to introduce a guide to getting the backgrounds right.


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1. Check the background before taking a picture
You may think that this is natural and that it is not worth mentioning, but I can surely say that most of the mistakes that are noticed in photos are because of  lack of attention to backgrounds.  Therefore, before taking a photo, you should scan the background and find out if there is a color that doesn’t get well with your photo, or if there is a subject that should not be there and so on.

 2. Move the subject
You may again think that it is one of the simplest things, but it is the first thing you should do. Moving the subject to many directions  will make you understand which is the best position for the particular photo.

3. Change the angle
If there are unimportant things in the background but you cannot move the subject, another thing to do is to change the shooting angle. For example, you can shoot it from the top in order to have the floor as a background.

4. Make blur background
Another great way to remove the distractions in background is to make it out of focus. By making it out of focus, you will have a background with blur, so it will be not easy to determine the subjects in the background.

5. Fill the frame with the subject
 Another possible solution to remove the distractive background is to fill the frame with the desired subject. So, you should zoom enough in order to take a picture only of the subject you want.

6. Make use of tools
However, sometimes there can be cases when you already took a photo without considering the background and now you want to correct your mistake. For this purpose there are many tools for photographers. For example, there are blurring, selective coloring options and so on.

So, here is the guide for photographers in order to get the backgrounds right. Do you have an experience in this field and do you feel that there is something that is not mentioned here? If so, please share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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