Pros and Cons of Applying Background Images For Your Web Pages

Web design is one of the areas where trends are changing very fast. We have all seen different trends of web design, starting from dull design, where there were many elements and colors, ending with simple design, where there are almost no design elements. So, you can be sure that what is trendy now, won’t be necessarily trendy next year or 2 years from now. Nowadays, one of the trends in web design that you will see very often is using a whole image as a background for a web page. If you remember, few years ago designers tried to apply this trend, however because the size of the image was too large and the internet speed of many users was not so high, it went really bad. However, now, with the increased speed of internet, we can see that this trend is coming back. So, like everything, this type of design has its pros and cons.


Close up of photographer Sarah Lee

Why Copyright Protection Is Important To Photography Owners

As a photographer, you definitely understand how your works are precious for you. Sometimes you take the best photo you could ever take, you spend very long hours on it in order to edit it in the best way, and one day you find out that your photo was used without your permission. This is why copyright protection is so important in photography.



5 Tips To Create Social Media Images That People Love to Share

In order to be visible in the social media, your content and photos should be shared regularly and by lots of people. If not, you might lose your brand image and will miss a ton of engagement. So, if you share attractive images all over the social networks and you want these photos to have more traffic, than you are in the right place, because today we are going to introduce you 5 tips to create social media images that people love to share.