Create Your Own Transparent Background Images With PicMonkey

There are many cases, when you want to have an image with a transparent background, but you don’t know how. There are many softwares, like Photoshop, that can help you in this case. However, using them requires some skills and takes a lot of time from you. So, now, it’s not a problem anymore, because we are going to introduce you 5 steps of creating your own transparent background images with PicMonkey.READ MORE

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5 Free Apps To Remove Image Backgrounds

Imagine that you have a great photo, however the background of that photo is not a good one and doesn’t go well with the overall photo. What you should do? Of course, you should erase the unwanted areas. If I ask you, how difficult it is to remove the background from a photo, you may think that it is really difficult. However, today, we are going to introduce you some easy tools, with which you can do it without any difficulties. So, these 5 free apps will help you a lot in removing an image background.



7 Tips To Get Sharper Images With Almost Every Camera

Getting sharp images is crucial for every photographer who prints in large formats. However those people who are new in photography will hardly determine a difference that exists in razor-sharp image when they see it on computer and fairly-sharp image. However sharpness is very important to each photographer, so today we are going to introduce you 7 tips that will guide you to getting sharper photos with nearly all camera types.



10 Examples of Cool and Remarkable Transparent Objects

When you hear about transparent objects, the first things that probably come to your mind are the air, the water, the window and so on. However, creativity is everywhere now, and there are some transparent objects, that you won’t probably ever think that they would be transparent. So, today we are going to introduce the most creative 10 examples of cool and remarkable transparent objects.



How to Save a Power Point Slide as a Transparent Image

It doesn’t matter whether you are an app developer, web designer or graphic designer, there are some basic things in computer usage that you should know, which will help you a lot in your works. For example, one of the simplest things that you may need as a designer is to save a PowerPoint slide as a transparent image. One of the main benefits of transparent images is that you can use them anywhere. For example you can add them in other pictures or in your slides of presentation without that annoying background that they have. Another important advantage that is worth mentioning is that now it is trendy to use transparent images everywhere, for example in websites. So, today we are going to tell you the way of saving a PowerPoint slide as a transparent image.