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Top 15 Amazing Digital Photography Tips

It does not matter if you are starter or professional one in photography, there are some important tips that you should take into account and use in your practice, if you would like to get the best results. So, today we will introduce you top 15 amazing photography tips, which you can use to your advantage.


1. Use “Sunny 16” rule
This is a rule which helps you understand how you should pose your camera during sunny hours. During these hours, you should select the aperture of “f/16” and “1/100” of speed. You should definitely use this rule, if your camera does not have LCD screen.

2. Shoot much more than you need
Even if you want to take a picture of a table, that is static, make sure to take number of photos. The reason is that there are many factors that play a huge role in your picture. For example, if there  are clouds in the sky and if they disappear your picture will look absolutely different. So you should not miss the best time for your photo.

3. Use the rule of ‘thirds’
In order to use the rule of thirds, you need to imagine 4 lines – 2 vertical and 2 horizontal. These lines will create 9 squares and if you want to get a perfect image, you should take the subject to the central square.

4. Buy polarizer filter
If you cannot afford buying many filters, make sure to first of all by a polarizer filter. This filter will help get better colors and it will be safe for your lens.

5. Make use of reflector
If you would like to get perfect photos with perfect lightning, then make sure to use a reflector. If you use flash or if it is too sunny, you can use reflector in order to make shadows of the picture more lighter. Reflectors are usually posed in front of the subject on the opposite part of where the light comes.

6. Make deep photos
When you take photos, especially landscape photos, you should make sure that these photos are deep. It means that you are able to give the viewer the feeling that they are in that picture. So, make sure to take a panorama and use the aperture of ‘f/16’ or much smaller.

7. Decide on the size of a picture
In general, when taking a photo, we do not think about the size that we need and we use the highest resolution. However, sometimes small sizes are all we need. In this case, when you decrease the resolution, it will make your shooting rates fast.

8. Don’t shake your camera
One of the most annoying things when taking photos is shaking your camera. So, you need to understand the ways of holding a camera, in order to not shake it: for this reason, make sure to take it with your both hands in order to make it less movable.

9. Do not use flash in close spaces
In general, flash looks very unnatural and ugly when you use it in close spaces. So, when indoors, instead of using flash to make your picture brighter, make sure to edit the settings of your camera.

10. Use clear background
Simplicity is key to success in digital photography.
So, make sure to use simpler backgrounds with natural colors when taking a picture of a subject and make sure that there is nothing that will create distractions.

11. Select the correct ISO
Selecting the correct ISO will edit the ways your camera is responsive to light. If it is darker, we should take higher ISO, if it is sunny, we should take lower ISO or put it on auto.

12. Make your picture black and white in computer
If you want your photo to be in black and white, make sure to take a picture in color and then make it black and white in computer. The reason is that computer has much more editing options for you.

13. Use the panning feature in motion
If you should take a picture of a moving subject, make sure to use the panning feature. In addition, make sure to use tripod  in order to not shake the camera and get clearer photos.

14. Make experiments with shutter speed
If you would like to get some creative results, make sure to make experiments with shutter speed. For example, during dark hours, make sure to set it at 5-6 seconds. In this case you will find out that the moved subject is captured with some lights.

15. Crop before editing
If you need to edit your photo, for example by applying some colors, effects and so on, make sure to crop the photo at first. The reason is that when you crop an image, it becomes absolutely different image and the effects can look differently in cropped and uncropped images.

So, here are the top 15 amazing digital photography tips, that you will need a lot. Do you have other tips in your mind? If so, please share them with us in the comments below.

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