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Why Copyright Protection Is Important To Photography Owners

As a photographer, you definitely understand how your works are precious for you. Sometimes you take the best photo you could ever take, you spend very long hours on it in order to edit it in the best way, and one day you find out that your photo was used without your permission. This is why copyright protection is so important in photography.


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Taking into account busy days of good photographers, maybe there is no time left to register the photos in copyrighting offices. However, it is the first thing that should be in your to-do list.

The copyright protection in photos start from the moment when the photo is taken.But if there is any kind of violation, you need to have your photos registered in order to prove that it is your work. Because of it, you should register your photos in copyright protection regularly.
So, having this info in your mind, here are 3 main reason why copyright protection is important to photography owners.

1. It is your work and it is precious
If there is a good and creative in your mind, it just does not matter what others say, it is an asset that you have and it is precious. The reason that you  should treat it as an asset is that after some time it can have a huge value and you should register it in order to have the rights over that asset. In addition, you should take into account the length of the copyright protection. For songs, photos or other artistic works the copyright can last about 70 years after the death of the artist, however if it is published, this period is about 50 years.

2. You should know your rights and protect them
If you have a copyright protection on your photos and someone violates it, you will have the rights to persecute the one who took your photos and demand him/her to pay for the license or to pay for the losses that you had. So, if they use it without your permission, you have the full rights to demand compensations.

3. Use licensing
If you have a copyright protection on your photos, but others want to use them as well, you can use licensing. By using licensing, you can be sure that you will benefit from the use of your photo. Licensing is a legal permission of the author, that allows other to use all or a part of his/her copyrighted works.

Above mentioned are only few main reasons why it is important to copyright your works. Copyrighting violations happen every day every minute, so be sure that your rights are protected.

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