Create Your Own Transparent Background Images With PicMonkey

There are many cases, when you want to have an image with a transparent background, but you don’t know how. There are many softwares, like Photoshop, that can help you in this case. However, using them requires some skills and takes a lot of time from you. So, now, it’s not a problem anymore, because we are going to introduce you 5 steps of creating your own transparent background images with PicMonkey.READ MORE

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5 Free Apps To Remove Image Backgrounds

Imagine that you have a great photo, however the background of that photo is not a good one and doesn’t go well with the overall photo. What you should do? Of course, you should erase the unwanted areas. If I ask you, how difficult it is to remove the background from a photo, you may think that it is really difficult. However, today, we are going to introduce you some easy tools, with which you can do it without any difficulties. So, these 5 free apps will help you a lot in removing an image background.



Pros and Cons of Applying Background Images For Your Web Pages

Web design is one of the areas where trends are changing very fast. We have all seen different trends of web design, starting from dull design, where there were many elements and colors, ending with simple design, where there are almost no design elements. So, you can be sure that what is trendy now, won’t be necessarily trendy next year or 2 years from now. Nowadays, one of the trends in web design that you will see very often is using a whole image as a background for a web page. If you remember, few years ago designers tried to apply this trend, however because the size of the image was too large and the internet speed of many users was not so high, it went really bad. However, now, with the increased speed of internet, we can see that this trend is coming back. So, like everything, this type of design has its pros and cons.



Photographer’s Guide To Getting Your Backgrounds Right

Image backgrounds can be both positive and negative attributes to photos. For example they can make the photo stand out in a unique way, however they can also be incompatible with the main subjects. So, in order to make backgrounds awesome, today we are going to introduce a guide to getting the backgrounds right.



How To Remove Background From An Image With Power Point

Probably one of the most irritating things when you designs something is that sometimes there are some photos that are very beautiful, but they have an inappropriate background. The photo would of course be better if the background would be removed. There are many programs and tools that will help you to do such things, for example Photoshop. However, if you don’t have Photoshop or any other such program, you may simply use PowerPoint for that purpose. So, in this article you will learn how to remove background from a photo with PowerPoint.