5 Tips to Take Awesome Long Exposure Photos

Long exposure photos have developed very much during the last few years. Now, the majority of landscape photos, nighttime road photos, sunset/sunrise photos are made in this style. So, if you still don’t use this style as a photographer, it is the right time for you to start. So, in order to make your work much easier, today we will introduce you 5 tips, that will help you to take amazing long exposure photos.READ MORE


Create Your Own Transparent Background Images With PicMonkey

There are many cases, when you want to have an image with a transparent background, but you don’t know how. There are many softwares, like Photoshop, that can help you in this case. However, using them requires some skills and takes a lot of time from you. So, now, it’s not a problem anymore, because we are going to introduce you 5 steps of creating your own transparent background images with PicMonkey.READ MORE


What Kind of Stock Images Sell the Best

When talking about the stock photos, one of the first questions, that many photographers are asking is “What kind of stock images sell the best?” The answer is: If you want to have stock images that are being sold extensively, these photos need to be the ones that people use in the most of cases. So, here are some types of photos that are being sold in enormous quantities.READ MORE


10 Reasons you Shouldn’t Save Money on Stock Images

Stock photos can help every blogger and website owner a lot, because instead of shooting photos by yourself and wasting time on it, you are able to just search for stock pictures and use them in your site. However, the question is: is it reasonable to pay money for stock photography or is it better to use  free ones. The answer is: Though free stock photography sites have much traffic, in reality it is very difficult to find there a suitable picture for your content. If you want a picture of landscape, portrait or just a photo of an office, you can easily find it among free services, however if you would like to have some original and creative photos, you must definitely pay for them. So,  if you are a busy designer with some budget and strict deadline, here you can find ten reasons why you should not save money on stock photography.



10 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Stock Photography

Each blogger probably loves stock images, just because they have the functions of rapidly transferring the messages,  catching people’s eyes and adding some life to the webpage. If you have a small business, you probably love these stock photos as well, however there are ways of using these photos correctly. So, in order to get the best of stock photos, here you can find 10 mistakes that you should avoid when using stock photography.



6 Dos and Donts for Using Stock Images in Your Marketing

Stock photos can be both horrible and fascinating. It just depends on how you are going to use them. So, do you want to know the right ways of using stock photos in your marketing ? If so, go on reading, because today we are going to introduce you 6 do’s and don’ts for using stock images in your marketing.READ MORE

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5 Free Apps To Remove Image Backgrounds

Imagine that you have a great photo, however the background of that photo is not a good one and doesn’t go well with the overall photo. What you should do? Of course, you should erase the unwanted areas. If I ask you, how difficult it is to remove the background from a photo, you may think that it is really difficult. However, today, we are going to introduce you some easy tools, with which you can do it without any difficulties. So, these 5 free apps will help you a lot in removing an image background.



20 Most Useful Tools And Resources To Create Images For Social Media

Many experiments and tests have shown that when there are images in the content that you share on social media, the engagement for these posts, such as likes, comments, clicks and shares dramatically increase. So, this fact speaks for itself. If you haven’t used some great images in your content, now it is the right time to do. So, in order to make your work easier, today we are going to present some great tools and resources, which will be a great guide for you in creating the right photos for social media.