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Top 8 Essential Tips To Take Better Photos in 2015

Like every profession, in order to be a good photographer one must have a long experience. However, besides experience there are some things that people should learn in order have the desired results in photos. So, have you decided to go much deeper in photography in the next year? If so, here are some essential tips for you to make better photos in 2015.


1. Get closer
There is a famous saying that if your photo doesn’t look good, it just means that you aren’t close enough. If you feel that there is something wrong in your picture and the thing that you wanted to capture doesn’t look very good, try to go 2 or 3 steps closer. Fill the picture with your subject without any other things, and look how amazing it looks.

2. Consider the light
Before shooting, take into account the light. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a natural light or artificial, you must see from where it comes and whether it’s in your advantage or not. The questions that you should ask yourself are: How to use the light to make the picture better? How the light goes with  theme? Does it highlight a subject or casts shadows?

3. Use flash when the sun shines
You may think that flash should be used only in dark places however it’s not like this. During the day when the sun is shining very brightly and makes shadows near the subject you want to capture, just turn on your flash and this will solve the problem.

4. Stop checking the photos
There is one bad thing that nearly all photographers do. It is when they check the photos immediately after taking them. However it’s one of the worst things to do, because during that time when you check the photo, you may miss the most beautiful scene.

5. Make it simpler
Don’t put too many things in your photo, because the result will be just a mess and bunch of unconnected items. Putting 1 or 2 main subjects in the picture will make it more interesting and will give the picture a meaning.

6. Take into consideration the backgrounds
One of the biggest mistakes that many photographers make is ignoring the backgrounds. Just think for a moment. How many pictures you have that you don’t like just because of the backgrounds? So, before capturing a photo, make sure that the background is a relevant one without additional unnecessary items.

7. Limit the colors
If your photo has too much colors in it, it will be too difficult to look at them. Just try to concentrate on having 1 or 2 main colors in your photo. You can be sure that in this case your picture will look more attractive and beautiful. In addition, as we have already mentioned simplicity is one of the most important things in photos, so keep your colors simple as well.

8. Crop instead of zooming
It doesn’t matter how powerful is your camera, if you zoom something, the quality decreases. So, just try to ignore the surroundings and take that picture. After that you can just crop and have the desired result. Another option that was already mentioned is to get closer instead of zooming.

So, here are the top 8 essential tips that will help you to take better photos in the upcoming year 2015! So get ready to take the best photo during the New Year’s Eve!

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