20 Most Useful Tools And Resources To Create Images For Social Media

Many experiments and tests have shown that when there are images in the content that you share on social media, the engagement for these posts, such as likes, comments, clicks and shares dramatically increase. So, this fact speaks for itself. If you haven’t used some great images in your content, now it is the right time to do. So, in order to make your work easier, today we are going to present some great tools and resources, which will be a great guide for you in creating the right photos for social media.

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1. PicMonkey
PicMonkey is a perfect tool, which you may use too edit your photos. Here, you are able to add filters, texts, different effects to your photos, make collages by putting them together, choose canvas and so on.

2. Smashit
If you have many photos that are in large size, and you do not want to use them because it will take too long for them to load, you may just visit smash.it, upload that big-sized images and the tool will compress that images into an optimal size.

3. Canva
Here, you can make your images “shine”. It’s a tool which is easy-to use particularly for non-designers, where they can use some templates, create photos in many sizes, apply some fun fonts and so on.

4. Page2Images
It’s a great full-page website grabber. You should just visit the website of Page2Images, and you will may take a full-screen image of a web page and download it.

5. Easel.ly
With Easel.ly, you are able to make some charts, infographics and so on. Here, you may use already-available templates or to create your own just from the beginning. There are many types of icons, different shapes and other things which you insert in your images.

6. Over
With Over, which is an app available on iOS and Android, you can select any photo you want and apply to it some texts, fonts and colors.

7. Recite
You have probably noticed that nowadays it is too trendy to share quotes on images. Now, you can easily do it with Recite. You are able to choose some quotes, enter it to the website of Recite, choose a background for that quote and that’s all, your image will be ready!

8. Placeit
If you would like creating photos that will feature your web page or an app, Placeit will do it for you. Just select a background from their library, insert the link and you will have that image with you after few minutes.

9. Aviary
Aviary is another photo-editing tool, that has desktop and mobile versions and which suggests a variety of image editing tools. So, with Aviary now you may edit your photos while you are away from your PC.

10. Infogr.am
Sometimes when you have a content related to some research, you may want to share numerical information as well. Infogr.am is a perfect tool, where you may make some infographics and charts.

11. Social Image Resizer Tool
Each social media platform works best with different picture sizes. For example in Facebook it’s better to use square images, in Google+ vertical ones and so on. So, with this tool you may convert pictures in a desired size. Just, upload it to the website, select in which platform you want to use it, and the work will be done!

12. Photovisi
Collages are great for social media sites, like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. So, if you would like to make them on your own, you can visit Photovisi and select from many templates available to customize your photos in the best order.


13. Pattern Library
Here, you may find many  fun, creative and free background options.

14. Icons Mind
When you create pictures for social media usage, sometimes there is a need to use various icons instead of images. For this purpose, Icons Mind is a perfect resource, from where you may get many creative icons.

15. Omnicore’s Social Media Cheat Sheet
If you would like to determine what image size is suitable for your post, then you should at first visit this website.

16. Blurgrounds
Blurry images are always in trend and if you would like to use some blurry backgrounds, then this website is just for you. Here, you will be able to find about 130 blurred backgrounds which are absolutely free.

17.  Pictaculous
With this resource, you may get palettes form the desired images. For example, if you chose a photo that will be used in your content and you would also like to know which color will be the best to use in the frames and background, then you can easily determine it with Pictaculous.

18. Colourlovers
Another great website for palette determination is Colourlovers.

19. Subtle Patterns
Though these pattern backgrounds are created for web page, they are also great ones to use in images.

20. Free image sources
If you would like to get free photos, we have done it for you. Here are the resources:
Death to the Stock Photo
Markus Spiske

So, here you have a perfect collection of tool and resource options, which will assist you in your work. Do you have other sources in your mind? Share with us in the comments below and make our work much easier!

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